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Qiuling Tao

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Welcome to online web server of bandgap of perovskite oxide prediction. This is a online web server with very simple operation. Users only need to enter a chemical formula of perovskite according to the operation rules, and then click the "predict" button to obtain the bandgap value of the perovskite. The following rules must be remembered when entering the chemical formula of perovskite: This online web server is designed for ABO3-type perovskite, not applicable to other types of perovskite. In the entered chemical formula, there is no space between elements and their coefficients. Example 1: chemical formula LaFeO3 is entered as LaFeO3. Example 2: chemical formula Ca0.9La0.1Ti0.9Cr0.1O3 is entered as Ca0.9La0.1Ti0.9Cr0.1O3. Example 3: chemical formula Sr(Ti0.8Fe0.2)0.99Sc0.01O3 is entered as SrTi0.792Fe0.198Sc0.01O3.

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